This hotel is entirely non-smoking room. Smoking visitor desired has you decline.
※Annex Daishizen has smoking room.

It is peek itemiyo 360 degrees indoor view with state in hall

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July, 2017 09-14 days hizenya beer buffet holding

July 01, 2017 Forest terrace recreation pool renewal OPEN

End of June, 2017 Kumamoto building 7F high-class modern Japanese-Western style room renewal completion

It is completed Kumamoto building all rooms card key on June 02, 2017

May 31, 2017 Kumamoto building 2F - 5F modern Japanese-Western style room all rooms renewal completion

Hot water, amusement OPEN of 2016 Forest terrace Bungo

We cannot do individual food allergy correspondence in this hotel. Please cope by responsibility of oneself.

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We give First Drink free at dinner!

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Hot water bathing ticket service of lucky sign

We usually give bathing ticket costing 1,500 yen free for all plans!

Recommendation of this month

Let's enjoy holiday by new pool in this summer♪

[official HP-limited plan] HP renewal is commemorative! Summer holiday buffet plan is 40%OFF with a limitation of the number of the rooms! We use hot water of lucky sign free and OK new pool!

HP large renewal formal on July 12! At the time of reservation in greater detail accommodation plan...

... of 8640 yen per person (tax-excluded)

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List of accommodation plans

hizenyano charm

What is Tsuetate Onsen "hizenya" for the founding 300 rest of life?

We step over both prefectures of Tsuetate tourist hotel hizenyaha, Kumamoto and Oita and are the only resort hotel with prefectural border in hall.
Please enjoy a time to be able to taste mountain stream of Tsuetate river flowing in front and the mountains changing seasonally in spite of being view only here in facility in leisure in substantial hall.

Paths of prefectural border Bungo road (Oita) Higo in hall (Kumamoto)
  • Five visiting spas proficient in Bijin-no-Yu of 11 sources and 25 bathtubs
  • Competition for taste dish of Oita, Kumamoto, Kyushu seasonal material
  • Change room of the four seasons to see over window
  • We can enjoy noisily together! Recreation facility
  • Prefectural border scenery, location of Higo, Bungo full of nature

We enjoy more trips! hizenyano way of enjoying


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Official HP renewal is commemorative! [up to 40%OFF] no special plan is selling for a limited time!
From July 11 is official homepage yo hizenya, Daishizen together ...More
We did 7/1 pool renewal OPEN!
Forest terrace recreation pool does 7/1 renewal OPEN ...More
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