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  • This hotel is entirely non-smoking room. Smoking customer desired has you decline.
  • As there is not motorcycle bicycle parking lot in this hotel, I decline visit on motorcycle.
  • We cannot do individual food allergy correspondence in this hotel. Please cope by your responsibility.

Welcome it is hizenyahe

hizenyaha, Oita and two prefectures of Kumamoto
Rare accommodation to tie up to one.
Tsuetate River flowing through the very front
While it is healed by color of seasonal beautiful trees
You can relax slowly without minding time.
So that a time in this hotel quite becomes no healing,
We make heart and offer hospitality.

Five spa facilities where vary in flavor
Healing that is the finest by visiting spas

There is the abundant source of 11 in site,
Five spa facilities can enjoy.
Soft hot water
Body relaxes heart, too.

The details of hot spring are this

8 million dining
April, 2018

We made use of folkcraft of Kyushu around Kumamoto, Oita
It is reopened by discerning interior.
Old excellent kio is the latest restaurant which we took in,
We send blessing of Kyushu luxuriously.

The details of restaurant are this

Change of the four seasons over window
We calmed down with moisture

In "Kumamoto building" and "large annex"
Room where varies in flavor each.
While looking at beautiful nature over window
You can spend a time of peace.

The details of room are this

Warmth of town
We feel leisurely
Send heart to Daishizen

Spring pastime that gives poetic charm "carp streamer Festival" of Tsuetate
By "back door shop circulation" to walk hot-spring resort where flavor is deep
We enjoy Tsuetate Onsen.
This hotel which is located at the prefectural border,
Kumamoto is quite convenient for both sightseeing.

The details of neighboring sightseeing are this


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Hot water bathing ticket service of lucky sign

2.Hot water bathing ticket service of lucky sign

Bathing ticket of 1,500 yen normal for all plans
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List of accommodation plans is this

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TEL. 0967-48-0141

Reception hours from 10:00 to 20:00