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Oita new Japanese-style room for HP

Renewal of Kumamoto building is over, and large annex is renewing now.

Room 431 - Room 437 on the fourth floor is already finished.

We are constructing the third floor now.

The entrance hall becomes large, and tatami mat becomes Ryukyu tatami mat; place equipped with a water supply in particular more cleanly.

As exclusive plan has not been yet given, there is more that we guide at old rate in guest room before renewal

We are slightly lucky if we will stay at new Japanese-style room after renewal?


721 for HP

It is special room only for one in Kumamoto building Japanese-Western style room who has been renewed.

In guest room which is two ken of Japanese-style room + Western-style room (on tatami mat bed),

Two washstands are recommended in which they want to divide trip and bedroom and living room with two households into because there is.

In addition, because bath of guest room is family bath, but hot spring flows,

Large communal bath that movement is trouble to person worried about the use, chartered bath of detached room is relief!

Please try Japanese and Western special room strict promises plan by all means.


If travel in discount at the end of summer; this plan!

Special plan came up in summer in the eight days-limited last.


By plan between 8/27 - 9/3 for a limited time,

①Though it is almost the rate with normal buffet plan

②All-you-can-drink (normal 90 minutes 2,700 yen) comes♪


Pool is open to 8/31, too.

We can enter bath (normal bathing charges 1,500 yen) of lucky sign with formal HP reservation privilege.

This plan is recommended for the summer last trip!


... Tsuetate summer festival 2017 holding ...

Date: Sunday, August 6

→For typhoon 5, it was postponed on Sunday, August 20.


We swell by various events until from 13:00 to 20:30!

・Tsuetate mat run meet (water run)

・Let's play with aqua tube

・The world's poorest meeting

・Fast flowing stream nagashi somen

・Workshop made with round fan

・Bon festival dance

・Torch-fishing fishing

・Holdings fireworks display

There is branch, too♪


We are good though we stay on 19th and play the next day and return,

We give up enjoying festival before accommodation of 20th,

Come by all means in summer of Tsuetate.


From July 11 to hizenya, Daishizen

Official homepage reservation form was renovated.

You can choose accommodation plan according to purpose in greater detail.


We memorialize this HP renewal now in official site and

[up to 40%OFF] We are selling no special plan with a limitation of the number of the rooms for a limited time.

During period to 7/14 - 8/31, we accept on first-come-first-served basis.

Object gains tag of [official HP-limited plan]

* With "summer holiday buffet plan" with half board

* Dinnerless "overnight breakfast buffet plan" with breakfast

It is no 2 plan.


At this opportunity, please try reservation form that became new!


We did 7/1 pool renewal OPEN!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

New pool ② resize

Forest terrace recreation pool did 7/1 renewal OPEN!

We have many visitors arrive from the first day.

The use of guest is free!


There are place of depth of the water 70cm and place of 90cm in pool.

As we use the hills and rivers, it is cold,

We can warm body at hot spring jacuzzi corner.

Companion, death by drowning of protector is necessary at the time of the use of preschool child.


Come to new pool which did OPEN earlier by all means this summer♪

[hot water of Forest terrace Bungo] Open-air bath that looks at valley

The use of parking lot is free for use of hotel guest, calling.

But please refrain from visit on motorcycle as there is not motorcycle parking lot.

In addition, please note that you cannot bear responsibility of accident at parking lot.


When come by car; hizenya, Daishizen together

You can use first parking lot, the second parking lot each.

Beer party

Beer buffet holding of 7/9 - 7/14-limited annual!

Eat; all-you-can-drink 5,000 yen (tax-included) ※Less than primary schoolchild are at half price
Anyone drops in and can use (as for possible advance reservations, jumping, possible)
There is accommodation plan belonging to, too!

Time: From 18:00 to 21:00

Open kitchen iron plate dish and seasonal summer taste

Beer, shochu, sake, shochu and soda wine soft drinks

Usual times are offer suruhizenyadesuga between the sky only in long-established store inn

We heap up early summer with advantageous all-you-can-drink & all-you-can-eat very much during this period!

Advantageous accommodation plan of with beer buffet is coming up♪

We accept reservation over HP or telephone.

TEL 0967-48-0141

Takeshi Shuto wealth 1

Best carp streamer Festival which had many people arrive this year in Japan.

hizenyanite was photographic contest carried out and had 53 points of application.

Thank you.

With figure which many carp streamers swim in gold medal elegantly

Work which we put carp streamer of "Tsuetate Onsen" of one /3500 hiki with name in wonderfully was chosen.

Supplementary prize toshitehizenya pair accommodation coupon is presented to gold medal work.

Carp streamer Festival photographic contest will be scheduled next year.

We will wait for arrival of many people, contribution next year!

JAL pudding small size

At Japanese circulation Kyushu sweetness travelogue corner of magazine "SKYWARD" in JAL airplane

Tsuetate pudding is introduced.

We do not use pudding of this hotel for preservatives which we made with home-produced egg and milk of small country at all

Child is simple egg pudding of relief, too.

We cannot take to go, but use of calling only for pudding is possible, too.

There is thing that dessert becomes pudding in accommodation plan.

Please see SKYWARD on the JAL-like use by all means.

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