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Business hours of Forest terrace amusement (bowling alley, karaoke game arcade, table tennis),

It is from 15:00 to 23:00.

We did 12:00OPEN only on holiday on Sunday, but are changed for a while in 15:00OPEN.

You become contracted sales people for maintenance, but please understand.


It is local excellent sake brewery, information for young sake Festival of Kawazu brewing.

Sampling sale, recital with a musical instrument and samisen performance of young sake,
Special product of other small countries, restaurant branch.

Holding date and time Sunday, March 18 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
※Rainy weather decisive action

Place Kawazu brewing site
1734-2, Miyahara, Oguni-machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto

TEL 0967-46-2311

Parking lot Oguni-machi government office Oguni-machi public hospital oilman ironmongery

There is much staff looking forward to this time every year.
Please taste local sake, young sake.

My one push is sweet sake "flower snow" which we shook off!

We provide with oneself in this hotel.


News of restaurant transference

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Restaurant Perth meal venue _JALAN_171218

(April, 2018 OPEN planned 8 million dining meal space image)


Buffet restaurant which is new according to the former notice in April, 2018

"8 million dining" (YAOYOROZU DINING) does OPEN.

With this, existing resutorantamanoki closes on January 8.

Many customers use at night after OPEN morning, noon throughout the day,

Thank you very much.


Meal of interval where new restaurant does OPEN for from January 10 to April,

We provide buffet in large hall of house in the style of a tea-ceremony pavilion-maru 2F.

Steak to bake in front and tempura to fry in front, popular Kumamoto ramen corner

Conventional open kitchen just continues.

Please enjoy buffet in large hall.




New buffet restaurant which exerted the best of folkcraft of Kyushu led by Oita, Kumamoto is OPEN in April, 2018!

One piece that wants to improve in SNS! Entrance of infinite bamboo garden lantern of mirrors set against each other

Kumamoto rush and Higo temari, foods corner where the skill of craftsman including bamboo work and Fukuoka Yame lantern shines considerably

We serve alms of Kyushu and send ingredients a lot.


Special plan is begun to sell in commemoration of information release of 8 million dining!

"8 million dining notice memory plans" are of reservation receptionists with special price in schedule including the year-end and New Year holidays.

As for the meal at existing restaurant, this time is the last chance.

In new restaurant and the current restaurant thank you for your cooperation.


(photograph reprints from Oguni-machi government office Facebook)


The Kumamoto said more than 1,000 years years old's greatest gingko nut, country designation natural monument

Light up of "big ginkgo tree of Xiacheng" began the other day.


Period Until November 12

Time: From 18:00 to 22:00

Place: It is five minutes by car in small country, the Aso area at hizenyayori Route 212

(there is free parking lot)


Before accommodation, it is the recommended to outing after dinner at this time

It is tourist attraction!


IMG_5968 - copy

We are switching to Ryukyu tatami mat newly wearing tatami mat of guest room of Daishizen.

Large annex Japanese-style room of hizenyano renewal finished or modern Japanese-Western style room on the seventh floor

It is Ryukyu tatami mat which we have already introduced into some guest rooms, but even Daishizen starts tatami mat substitute.

Mountain-side 12 rooms already change, and they are completed.

Change of river-side general guest room on the fifth floor was completed today.

Ryukyu tatami mat slightly more expensive than normal tatami mat.

Please stay at Daishizen which turned into one of the clothing.


With renewal to largely advance these days,

We will change name in aiming at higher-grade resort.

New name,

It becomes "stick length hot spring hizenya".

To have many people know Tsuetate (stick length) hot spring more widely

It should have been such a new name.

In addition, corporation does not trade Tsuetate tourist hotel hizenyade as before.

It is written Tsuetate tourist hotel hizenyade of corporation name by medium, publication purpose of the media and

We are written, and stick length hot spring hizenyade of name is different

Both become the same company.

Please use stick length hot spring continuously in the future.

Oita new Japanese-style room for HP

Renewal of Kumamoto building is over, and large annex is renewing now.

Room 431 - Room 437 on the fourth floor is already finished.

We are constructing the third floor now.

The entrance hall becomes large, and tatami mat becomes Ryukyu tatami mat, place equipped with a water supply in particular more cleanly.

As exclusive plan has not been given yet, we more often guide at old rate in guest room before renewal

We are slightly lucky if we will stay at new Japanese-style room after renewal?


721 for HP

It is special room only for one in Kumamoto building Japanese-Western style room who has been renewed.

In guest room which is two ken of Japanese-style room + Western-style room (on tatami mat bed),

Two washstands are recommended to which they want to divide trip and bedroom and living room with two households into because there is.

In addition, because bath of guest room is family bath, but hot spring flows,

Large communal bath that movement is trouble to person worried about the use, chartered bath of detached room is relief!

Please try Japanese and Western special room strict promises plan by all means.


If travel in discount at the end of summer; this plan!

Special plan came up in summer in the eight days-limited last.


By plan between 8/27 - 9/3 for a limited time,

①Though it is almost the rate with normal buffet plan

②All-you-can-drink (normal 90 minutes 2,700 yen) comes♪


Pool is open to 8/31, too.

We can enter bath (normal bathing charges 1,500 yen) of lucky sign with formal HP reservation privilege.

This plan is recommended to the summer last trip!

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