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hizenya: Breakfast Japanese and Western buffet, dinner banquet dishes

Daishizen Breakfast Japanese set meal, dinner banquet dishes

It is meal at restaurant both.

Dinner changes only meal in the room plan to meal in the room.

※As the Internet does not have exclusive plan about group-like banquet

Please refer over telephone.


①Plan that is recommended to family

We appear only in the hizenya, Daishizen date

"Child rate for free plan of the adult same number" is the most popular.

It is recommended to family with much child.

hizenyadeareba, 2-story maisonette room plan,

If it is Daishizen, meal in the room plan is popular, too.


②Plan that is recommended to couple

"Reserved plan with bath" is popular.

It is plan having chartered bath flowing constantly from the source.

Because there is chartered bath in bath of other hot spring building lucky sign,

Movement is necessary at the time of staying in hizenya, Daishizen accommodation together

Free shuttle bus goes around three an hour. (time required three minutes)


③Plan that is recommended to group

"Buffet plan for a limited time" is popular.

Buffet plan coming up only in the weekend on specific day and season of GW, the year-end and New Year holidays, tray

It becomes slightly more inexpensive than normal banquet dishes plan.

In addition, as for the plan and graduation trip plans of with bowling for free ticket (from January to March),

If season plan to come up for a limited time is group trip, we cannot overlook.


④Hita Station pickup and drop-off plan

In hizenyaheno public transport, [Tsuetate, Yukinao Kurokawa line bus] is the most convenient from the Fukuoka area.

We introduce timetable in traffic access page of hizenya HP.

In addition, pickup and drop-off plan to JR Kyudai Line Hita Station is recommended to JR user, too.

Hita Bus of route bus travels from Hita Station,

The hotel staff will go to Hita Station to meet when we have you propose by "HP-limited pickup and drop-off plan".


⑤Plan that is recommended to celebration

We rent color toridorinochanchankoo free.

Red: The sixtieth birthday

Purple: Seventy years of age, Age of Joy, umbrella Kotobuki, Kotobuki that is a graduate

Yellow: The eighty-eighth birthday

As number is limited each, please reserve color you like over telephone beforehand.

Rental is possible even if you make a reservation by any plan.


⑥Plan that is recommended to gourmet person

We can have you appoint dishes except basic dishes.

"Grilled Higo beef" (Kumamoto)

"Grilled Bungo beef" (considerably)

"Grilled competition for taste Japanese beef of Higo and Bungo" (Kumamoto X Oita)

In addition, as for the basic dishes, contents are upgraded by the hotel charges.


Please ask reservation section whatever you want if you have any questions.

TEL 0967-48-0141 or 0967-48-0149