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News of restaurant transference

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Restaurant Perth meal venue _JALAN_171218

(April, 2018 OPEN planned 8 million dining meal space image)


Buffet restaurant which is new according to the former notice in April, 2018

"8 million dining" (YAOYOROZU DINING) does OPEN.

With this, existing resutorantamanoki closes on January 8.

Many customers use at night after OPEN morning, noon throughout the day,

Thank you very much.


Meal of interval where new restaurant does OPEN for from January 10 to April,

We provide buffet in large hall of house in the style of a tea-ceremony pavilion-maru 2F.

Steak to bake in front and tempura to fry in front, popular Kumamoto ramen corner

Conventional open kitchen just continues.

Please enjoy buffet in large hall.