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July 01, 2017 Forest terrace recreation pool renewal OPEN

End of June, 2017 Kumamoto building 7F high-class modern Japanese-Western style room renewal completion

It is completed Kumamoto building all rooms card key on June 02, 2017

May 31, 2017 Kumamoto building 2F - 5F modern Japanese-Western style room all rooms renewal completion

Hot water, amusement of 2016 Forest terrace Bungo, restaurant "greenhouse" OPEN

・As there is not motorcycle bicycle parking lot in this hotel, I decline visit on motorcycle.

・We cannot do individual food allergy correspondence in this hotel. Please cope by your responsibility.

Daishizen image

About hizenya Japanese style annex "Daishizen"

Relaxing accommodation which tastes the sound of a stream of steam scenery mountain stream

We were surrounded by rich nature of Kumamoto, Aso small country It is hot-spring hotel full of atmosphere. If 3,500 carp streamers are heroic, we swim on the Tsuetate River in spring, and be wrapped up in snow scene and steam in winter, and it is fantastic scenery. We taste spa atmosphere that steam goes up, and it is healed by the sound of a stream of mountain stream. You have 11 sources in site and can enjoy visiting five different spa facilities including open-air bath "hot water of lucky sign" and sisters building "hizenya" flowing constantly from the source.

Recommendation accommodation plan

Official site-limited! Reservation privilege

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HP low guarantee

We offer plan at low!
It is more advantageous than which site!

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Drink service

We give meal, First Drink free in evening!

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Hot water bathing ticket service of lucky sign

We usually give bathing ticket costing 1,500 yen free for all plans!

Recommendation of this month

Tsuetate pudding popular now ★Try thick pudding of this hotel pride!

[official HP-limited plan] Magazine publication in JAL airplane is commemorative! Standard plan is Tsuetate pudding present for all formal HP-limited sale & hotel guests♪

This sale plan only as for the official homepage! Other reservation site nihako...

... of 9720 yen per person (tax-excluded)

No. 1

Let's swell by bowling of "hizenya" juxtaposition♪

[HP-limited plan] Special plan with 5 biggest privilege

... of 10260 yen per person (tax-excluded)

No. 3

[period limitation] We stay at discount by monitor plan in special room and royal suite

[monitor plan] We try and stay at special room or royal suite♪

... of 14040 yen per person (tax-excluded)

Hot spring

Soft visiting spas of spring quality, five places

Daishizen hot spring

Hot water of Daishizen is soft hot water only in natural hot spring.
We are able that Tsuetate Onsen emulsifies fat and secretion of skin with alkaline hot water more than water-clear pH 8.5 and washes away and can expect neuralgia, arthralgia with many effects.
Stretch out hands and feet in big bath; and "comfort to soak itself in" and hot water slowly. Please thoroughly enjoy.

  • Open-air bath lapis lazuli
  • tsuyutenfuryoha*
  • Hot water of the Japanese style large communal bath east
  • Hot water of the Japanese style large communal bath west

Comfort to soak itself in hot water slowly

Tsuetate Onsen - Bijin-no-Yu -

Tsuetate Onsen - Bijin-no-Yu -

Natural humidity retention ingredient "meta silicic acid" which is said to be substitute for lotion. If it is hot spring, we are known with hot water made with fair skin if we usually include 50 mg/l and become famous as Bijin-no-Yu if we include 100 mg/l. What this meta Kay sanhofukumiryo is overwhelming, and, in Tsuetate Onsen, it becomes very nice spring quality to woman with 138 mg/l.

Hot spring of sisters facility can take a bath 11 sources, spa facility five places 25 bathtub hizenya Main Building "hot water of lucky sign", too

Five visiting spas

About visiting spas


Room where we were particular about flavor of the sum and put our ingenuity in

Daishizen guest room

Deluxe space where room of Daishizen was spacious. Scenery of virgin forest and valley such as picture to see from window of room is pride of this hotel. Tasteful room of sukiya style that there is smell of fresh timbe. Please relax slowly without feeling change of the four seasons and the murmuring of valley, and minding passage of time.
Room type can be chosen with smoking type non-smoking.

  • The Daishizen guest room "we run sky"
  • Daishizen Japanese-style room (15 tatami +4.5 tatami)
  • Daishizen Japanese-style room (12.5 tatami +2 tatami)
  • Daishizen Japanese-style room (8 tatami, mountain side)

Guest room of sukiya style that there is smell of fresh timbe as *iku.

List of accommodation plans


It is eating a food with great relish to seasonal material from Kyushu

Daishizen dishes

Grilled competition for taste and Japanese beef of Bungo beef, Higo beef and Japanese beef sukiyaki, seasonal individual hotpot of cooking length specialite de la maison are popular.
As there is plan for exclusive use of meal in the room, it is eatable without hesitation slowly.

  • Dishes image 01
  • Dishes image 02
  • Dishes image 03
  • Dishes image 04

Competition for taste of Kumamoto, two countries enjoying quite seasonal taste. We thoroughly enjoy seasonal dishes only in this land

Recommended special dish

Higo beef, Bungo beef

Higo beef, Bungo beef

Competition for taste of Higo beef and Bungo beef! You can enjoy taste of two countries.

Tsuetate pudding

Tsuetate pudding

Popular Tsuetate pudding. We are providing in lounge.

List of accommodation plans

In-house facility

Full facilities which color a time of trip

Wi-Fi free access possibility

  • The Daishizen entrance

    The Daishizen entrance

    It is the entrance of Daishizen. By hospitality not to change since its formation, we look forward to visit of customer.

  • Daishizen lobby

    Daishizen lobby

    Other than check-in out, it is available as place of wait and meeting.

  • Banquet room

    Banquet room

    There is banquet room of large small and medium size and can use large banquet room by area of 220 tatami as place of group of a great number of people of banquet.

  • Restaurant street maidenhair tree hermitage

    Restaurant street maidenhair tree hermitage

    It is one maidenhair tree hermitage (we worry about ginkgo) of banquet room. With friend, please enjoy dishes, liquor with family.

  • Meeting room

    Meeting room

    Please use as place of meetings such as business and group.

  • Stand


    We have specialties of Kumamoto and Oita. How about souvenir becoming memory of trip?

Place that satisfies one accommodation a great deal of money and heart.

hizenya recreation facility

Facility summary

Total guest rooms 47 rooms
Can stay; the number of people 220 people
Check-in is out In…15:00/ out…10:00
The hotel charges Weekday Mountain side…The 10,000 yen - / river side…12,000 yen ...
(day before holiday) Mountain side…The 13,000 yen - / river side…15,000 yen ...
Bathing rate Adult: 850 yen dwarf: 430 yen (with towel)
One-day lunch 5,000 yen ...
Large banquet room 220 tatami (possible division into five)
Restaurant street maidenhair tree hermitage Eight rooms
Other facilities, facilities Meeting room, marriage ceremonial hall, coffee lounge, soil from place, large communal bath (Western-style large communal bath, Japanese-style large communal bath), open-air bath two places, all the buildings sprinkler, each floor refuge passage
Remarks The eighth floor above the ground is equipped with air-conditioning in all facilities. Guest can take a bath for 24 hours.

Information for traffic

It is approximately one hour 30 minutes by car from Fukuoka-shi, Kumamoto-shi

We see on big map

There is accommodation "Daishizen" of Tsuetate Onsen mountain stream in Oguni-machi of Kumamoto.
If there is curious point including weather and access method on the day, please feel free to contact.

〒869-2503 4205, Shimojo, Oguni-machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto 
The front desk: 0967-48-0041 reservation is direct: 0967-48-0149 FAX: 0967-48-0047

Daishizen outskirts map


Please feel free to contact anything if you have any questions.
We accept over telephone.

Stick length hot spring hizenya Japanese style annex "Daishizen"
〒869-2503 4205, Shimojo, Oguni-machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto

Reservation is direct: 0967-48-0149

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