It is eating a food with great relish in blessings of nature enjoying seasonal ingredients

Season only by the season, good flavor only in this ground.

Delicious dish brings the richness in heart of person.
We entertain with dish which we loaded with true heart to be able to fully feel blessings of nature using seasonal ingredients brought up in natural rich environment around Kyushu of hizenyadeha, Oita or Kumamoto.
After having healed mind and body in rich nature, hot spring, we are happy if even taste can thoroughly enjoy charm of Tsuetate.
We work hard at seasonal ingredients which we matched with expert technique in the four seasons every day to provide dish which can be pleased with all of you with thought.

Total chef Fumio Hara




  • Citron honey liquor

  • Height of two kinds

  • Seasonal tofu

  • Clear soup makeup

  • Height of three kinds

  • Cha-soba

  • Chawanmushi

  • Grilled Bungo beef, Higo beef Japanese beef, vegetables are various

  • Tempura assortment

  • Pot meal

  • Height of three kinds

  • Tsuetate pudding

  • ※Menu is one case. We may be changed by plan and circumstances including season.

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