Place where memory is born by new encounter peacefully noisily

It is hot springs resort only for here in the whole country linking two prefectures to one

In Tsuetate tourist hotel "hizenya located approximately midmost of Kyushu," there is prefectural border of Bungo road "Oita" and paths of Higo "Kumamoto" in roofed passage connecting buildings "Ryogokubashi" of this hotel in prefectural border of Oita and Kumamoto.
Valley spreading out in front of hotel will show beautiful expression every four seasons. Change of constellation seasonal in Tsuetate river flowing through the very front kingfisher from dance, open-air bath. And alley of Tsuetate hot-spring resort where flavor of Showa assumes that we walk a little. Many carp streamers receive us in May. "hizenya" of 144 number of the guest rooms and 47 "Daishizen." We wait for coming of all of you in a great variety of rooms.





hizenyano front desk lobby becomes big design fitted with glass full of open feeling and can enjoy delicious cafe while it is healed with cafe lounge zelkova establishing by nature opening on the opposite bank. In addition, we install four PCs which can use the Internet, and wireless LAN connection is available free, too.




Soil from place

Stand (two countries noren) / house in the style of a tea-ceremony pavilion-maru 5F from 7:00 to 21:30
We have a lot of specialties of Oita and Kumamoto with hizenyano stand "two countries noren". We sell hizenya homemade shiitake other than pickle or local sake, famous confection only in hometown. We perform the handling of courier service here.




ryorichaokumankame* / Oita hall 4F ※Only as for the hotel guest
Hand drum tea room / Oita hall 6F ※Only as for the hotel guest
resutorantamanoki / Oita hall 6F from 11:30 to 14:00

We show around each meeting place as dinner meeting place of all of you of staying.
resutorantamanoki is open again as restaurant of noon as buffet meeting place of breakfast, and foreign visitor can use only lunch of tamanoki.



Banquet, party meeting place

suu*okugan hall
suu*okugandaienkaijo /300 tatami mat (possible division into five)
Banquet room (two countries highway)

Banquet room in suu*okugankan can use Japanese style, Western style together. We can cope from group of 10 several people to large group widely.
In addition, it is available at marriage open house, meeting.



Recreation facility

Facility, facilities which all of you can enjoy including child are full in Forest terrace amusement. Please use to make with thought of trip.
[weekdays, Saturday] From 15:00 to 23:00
[Sundays and holidays] From 11:30 to 23:00

Bowl / Forest terrace amusement 3F which is boiled which is boiled
1 game \ 500/ shoes \ 200/10 lane
Family is group and can enjoy.
Please drop in at except hotel guest by all means.

Karaoke Princess / Forest terrace amusement 3F
Eight room 1,200- yen /16 name room 2,000- yen
Please use in the second meetings after banquet.

Game world
Renewal OPEN! It is space that all of you including pachinko corner that adult can enjoy from popular large game console can enjoy.
The latest premium equals UFO Catcher.

Table tennis stand / Forest terrace amusement 3F
We offer two table tennis stands. 500 yen (30 minutes)

For a limited time recreation pool /7 moon - August (from 12:00 to 17:00)
It is outdoor pool of business only in summer vacation. There is slide; during summer vacation
It is surrounded by lively voice of children.



Night facility

Nightclub 88 HACHI, HACHI/ Oita hall 2F from 21:00 to 24:00

Song to sing on the dais of karaoke pub 88 will be to be able to taste unusual satisfaction. As there is all-you-can-drink set, it is most suitable for the second meeting.
It becomes all-you-can-drink (with karaoke) for two hours.



Tsuetate tourist hotel hizenya elevation



Internet 24 hours reservation

You can easily make a reservation for the Internet. We take list of accommodation plans from this.

  • Reservation is this
  • Reservation reconfirmation
  • We change reservation of
  • Cancellation
Inquiry is Tel. 0967-48-0149 reservation from telephone