Inquiry to "hizenya"

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact anything. We accept than telephone or inquiry form.
On dispatch, we pray for inquiry top masuyoo over telephone.
In addition, please utilize that place as there is page to introduce "common question" to have you approach from visitor to.

Tel. 0967-48-0141 (call time /8:00 - 20:00)




Inquiry from exclusive form

Inquiry from exclusive form has you input matter necessary for the following input forms, and please refer.
We answer to e-mail address that you told inquiry contents after confirmation in reply.
※Oh, it becomes input required item.



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Internet 24 hours reservation

You can easily make a reservation for the Internet. We take list of accommodation plans from this.

  • Reservation is this
  • Reservation reconfirmation
  • We change reservation of
  • Cancellation
Inquiry is Tel. 0967-48-0149 reservation from telephone