Season only by the season, good flavor only in this ground.

In the old days, there was cake called "sweet egg" (amatamago) utilized steam of hot spring in Tsuetate hot-spring resort. Sweet egg is "pudding" saying in the present age when we added sugar to chawanmushi.
It was disposition of ancient people to want few, visitor to enjoy reason why sweet egg was arranged into in the times when ingredients which thing grieved at abundantly were not prepared. Therefore we were brought back to the origin of hospitality once again and kept steam of hot spring and local material alive and it was healthy and decided to bring unique "pudding" which we considered to life in the present age.
Please enjoy specialty Tsuetate pudding with Tsuetate Onsen.

We can enjoy original Tsuetate pudding of each inn, hotel in Tsuetate Onsen. Let's enjoy visiting puddings in mark with signboard of "it is Tsuetate pudding"! In Tsuetate Onsen tourist association office, we tell about today's opening of a store information.

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