Privacy policy

Tsuetate tourist hotel hizenya (the following, our hotel) recognizes importance of personal information protection,
We deal with personal information to take from visitor in appropriate carefulness to overcome according to the following policies.

Use purpose of personal information

We use offer itadaitata personal information for the following purposes from visitor.

i. When we confirm contents of reservation to visitor
ro. When we grasp usage history of visitor
ha. When we send document of our hotel to visitor
Two. When we perform analysis to improve service of our hotel
ho. In addition, when it is necessary to identify visitor in service that our hotel provides

Protection, management of personal information

We protect based on the following, and offer itadaitata personal information is managed by visitor.

i. We may maintain the information concerned during indefinite period, but we do the use with the objective range mentioned above and are protected in severe regime.
ro. When there was request based on laws and ordinances when there was agreement of visitor, our hotel imposed confidentiality on the information concerned
  We provide, and we may not be disclosed by third party unless business consignment does maintenance of reservation system to outside supplier.
ha. In employee of our hotel, we enforce management of personal information and pay scrupulous attention in order to prevent leak to third party.
Two. Of level that is appropriate and rational for prevention of danger such as unjust access from the outside or leak, loss, manipulation take safety measures,
  We try for protection of personal information.

Respect for right of visitor

Respect for right of visitor
Our hotel supports complaint inquiry about disclosure, correction, deletion and others information management of self-information from visitor in deference to right of visitor surely.

Improvement of approach

When contents about privacy policy of our hotel have change, we announce at any time in the page concerned.


Reference about privacy policy of our hotel is as follows.
Tsuetate tourist hotel hizenya 〒 869-2503 Oguni-machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto larger section of a village Xiacheng 4223 address TEL. 0967-48-0149

Internet 24 hours reservation

You can easily make a reservation for the Internet. We take list of accommodation plans from this.

  • Reservation is this
  • Reservation reconfirmation
  • We change reservation of
  • Cancellation
Inquiry is Tel. 0967-48-0149 reservation from telephone