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Located at historical well-established inn hizenyaha in business for about 300 years, Tsuetate Onsen that prospered for a long time as spa,
We are proud of 190 total guest rooms (hizenya 143, 47 Daishizen) and Tsuetate's greatest scale
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About Hizenya

What kind of company is it?
Company name: Tsuetate tourist hotel hizenya
Facility: Hot water of accommodation Daishizen, lucky sign of stick length hot spring hizenya, Tsuetate mountain stream
It is historical well-established inn of the hizenyaha founding 300 rest of life. Located at Tsuetate Onsen that prospered for a long time as spa, we are proud of 190 total guest rooms (hizenya 143, 47 Daishizen) and Tsuetate's greatest scale. There are the most customers having you visit within the range of Kyushu including Fukuoka, but has you have evaluation (89 points of 2014 customer evaluations) of the Kumamoto top by JTB questionnaire and visit the popularity from in the whole country and Kanto, Kansai and each metropolis and districts. In facility, open-air bath facility largest in Kyushu holds "Forest terrace" with pool other than "hot water of lucky sign" in bowling alley and karaoke BOX, hot water, leisure of Bungo and can play an active part in various departments.
What kind of department is there?
hizenyadeha is big and distributes and recruits new faces in five departments. There are Service Department where waiting on customers for customer plays a key role, reservation sales department, employee offering accommodation product to customer and Facilities Department to carry the working general affairs department for office, kitchen providing dishes to customer, maintenance of facility on. These types of job have specialty toward each, and different upbringing program is made according to the type of job. But these specialized work affects on big work called the hotel business closely each other. We can bring about high customer satisfaction by the relation simply because each can do own work, work that we measured as professional.
What kind of environment is it in?
We are located at the prefectural border of hizenyaha Oita and Kumamoto and have two addresses called Oguni-machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto and Hita-shi, Oita. Certain person global animation studio serves as study and comes for employee trip and is blessed with magnificent Daishizen, but is hot spring resort that national highway (Route 212) goes along. Place of ten minutes becomes Oguni-machi center by car from company, and school and hospital, supermarket, one way of thing including specialty store street are prepared. In addition, route bus runs to center of Aso-shi and Hita-shi. In addition, it becomes distance of 120 minutes to the Kumamoto city to the Fukuoka city for 90 minutes. There is company dormitory which is convenient for commuting, and there is in environment that can plan duty and improvement of private. In employee, there is person regarding that we can take hot spring excellent at spring quality as the greatest advantage every day. It features every day that we enter hot spring, or there are many beautiful employees of skin well.
Is application stick length hot spring hizenyanomideshoka?
Stick length hot spring hizenya (we include Forest terrace), accommodation Daishizen of Tsuetate mountain stream, hot water of lucky sign recruit at any time. For more details, please refer over telephone.
TEL: 0967-48-0141

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Tel. 0967-48-0141

Reception hours from 10:00 to 20:00
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TEL. 0967-48-0141

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