"8 million dining" RENEWAL OPEN

"8 million dining" RENEWAL OPEN

Blessing various restaurants of Kyushu
Discerning space utilized folkcraft of Kumamoto, Oita

Buffet restaurant of Japanese modern utilized folkcraft including bamboo work of Higo temariya Oita of Kumamoto.
You can thoroughly enjoy dishes which took in seafood, riches of the soil of various places throughout Kyushu abundantly.
It is can enjoy the skill of cook to fry baking cutting including grilling foods on an iron plate & grill corner and tempura corner.
We offer various menus at restaurant only for here new and look forward to.

Business hours Breakfast from 6:30 to 9:30 (last entrance 9:00)
Dinner from 18:00 to 21:00 (last entrance 19:30)
Place Large annex 6F

Space that feels warmth of tree Be surrounded in folkcraft of Kyushu

"Bamboo light of mirrors set against each other"

It is fantastic, and, in entrance of restaurant, shaking bamboo light meets customer.
It is autumn charming sights festival that used bamboo light for direction in various places throughout Kyushu, including without "seeing light" of Kumamoto in "thin bamboo evening" of Oita, Usuki-shi of Hita-shi "is lighted for 1,000 years," as for the name including "Shimizu bamboo light" of Saga, various.
Please enjoy up shitakunaruyonahizenyano bamboo light unintentionally in SNS.

Discerning ingredients that menu of buffet selected carefully mainly on Kumamoto, Oita, ingredients of Kyushu carefully one by one.
You can eat slices of boiled radish or turnip with sweet miso of Aso leek and small country daikon of Kumamoto, local special dish dishes including mustard shiitake of Oita more than 60 kinds.

The details of smorgasbord are this

It is eating a food with great relish in Kumamoto, Oita, fresh material seasonal blessings of nature of Kyushu
Live feeling of open kitchen

Open kitchen creates live feeling to be able to enjoy with both eyes and ear. Please thoroughly enjoy fresh one which you cooked in front.
Steak flaring up in a certain vigor cooking scenery and grill attracts people who visited restaurant.

Live feeling of open kitchen



There is restaurant that can enjoy banquet dishes.
We use ingredients brought up in rich nature around Kyushu of Kumamoto, Oita.
Please fully enjoy original banquet dishes feeling season.

Business hours From 18:00 to 21:00 (LO. 20:30) ※Only hotel guest is available
Place Large annex 4F

The details of banquet dishes are this


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Bathing ticket of 1,500 yen normal for all plans
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