Space of relaxation that scenery of valley which spends time while seeing change of the four seasons makes

Colored leaves of the opposite bank that we looked at from guest room

A time when is the finest in room where flavor that we made heart of hospitality for is deep

We are proud of the number of the guest rooms of hizenyaha 156, and nature seen in both rooms over window pleases eyes in "large annex" "bear main building" although structure is different each. We are proud of furniture and area kept on choosing and are provided with refined royal suite, too.

suu*okugankihinshitsu "Golden Pavilion"

suu*okugankihinshitsu "Golden Pavilion" in 9F of the top floor "Silver Pavilion."
There are exclusive open-air bath and living space in royal suite, too. Spacious deluxe space and scenery of valley such as picture create a time of relaxation. It is room of hizenya pride.

We see on big map

It is suu*okuzo rino Japanese-style room in suu*okugankan 7, 8F.
It becomes calm tasteful room. Please relax slowly without minding passage of time.

Kumamoto building Japanese-style room, Japanese-Western style room
Kumamoto building Japanese-style roomKumamoto building Japanese-Western style room

In the room of Kumamoto building beyond prefectural border, 70%, Japanese-style room have 10 tatami - 24 tatami and various types Japanese-Western style room.
Tsuetate River and valley can watch change of the four seasons.

Large annex Japanese-style room
Large annex Japanese-style room

There are 8 tatami - 24 tatami and broad range of Japanese-style rooms. Surely story will be to bound in calm guest room, too.
Maisonette (solid) guest room is in a part of the large annex, too.

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