Neighboring sightseeing

We enjoy sightseeing spot of accommodation hizenya Kumamoto, Oita of prefectural border

Accommodation hizenya of prefectural border
We enjoy sightseeing spot of Kumamoto, Oita

There are many sightseeing spots including Aso, Kurokawa Onsen, Yufuin, Beppu as well as Tsuetate Onsen around hizenya. We introduce neighboring sightseeing that are full of historical building and cityscape, the highlight including theme park.

Tuetate Sightseeing which

Tsuetate Onsen carp streamer Festival

Tsuetate Onsen carp streamer Festival
A 5-minute walk

Spring pastime that gives poetic charm carp streamer to spread through the Tsuetate Onsen whole area.
It was "carp streamer festival" to be seen now in each places of the whole country, but the very beginning birthplace was Tsuetate Onsen. Throw ball which attached rope to river bank; and is hanging rushitanogahajimaridato with carp streamer.
Light up event is carried out at night, too and it is fantastic and shines.

Visiting back door shops

Back door shop sedoya Circulation

In "back room of Kyushu" and Tsuetate Onsen that is called, and prospered, grass by the roadside tour around traditional narrow back alley called "back door shop" (sedoya) "goes round back door shops".
Local people called grass by the roadside guide show around hot-spring resort in everybodies.
There is the highlight that only local person knows in gallery back door shop which displayed art work, Tsuetate that left good old environment including steamed place where hot water smoke starts in the sky a lot.

  • Pan ke waterfall

    Pan ke waterfall
    It is 20 minutes by car

    Drop approximately 10m, waterfall approximately approximately 20m in width. We can play the backside of waterfall and "we look at the back and can taste no waterfall". In CM of a certain tea at a bound at popular spot of Oguni-machi.

  • Steamed place

    Steamed place
    A 10-minute walk

    At natural kitchen "steamed place where we made use of high warm water in," we can steam egg and sweet potato in hot spring.

Oita Kumamoto Sightseeing

  • Oita
  • Kumamoto
    • Yufuin


      It is one hour ten minutes by car

      Hot spring resort that spreads out in the foot of Yufudake named "Bungo Fuji." Popular tourist attraction that it is dotted with atmospheric inns, and many people visit including woman as hot springs resort.

    • Beppu


      It is one hour 20 minutes by car

      Hot spring resort eminent Japan proud of quantity of abundant gush.
      There are attractive tourist facility including "visiting hell" and various hot springs, inn, hotel, and tourist more than 10 million visits every year.

    • Sea egg

      Sea egg

      It is one hour 30 minutes by car

      Creature of various seas and theme park where we touch.
      Facility to be able to enjoy from opening-like building in accord with scenery of Gulf of Beppu, adult including unique show by animals to child.

    • Mount Takasaki nature animal park

      Mount Takasaki nature animal park

      It is one hour 30 minutes by car

      Quite municipal natural park in Mount Takasaki of Oita-shi, Oita.
      Monkey music hall feeding wild Japanese monkey inhabiting mountains of Mount Takasaki is established, and tourist can see figure of Japanese monkey within cage.

    • kuju flower park

      kuju flower park

      It is one hour by car

      Flower park to be able to enjoy beautiful nature which assumed Mt. Aso five background in 100 famous mountains in Japan nokuju Mountains and the distance located at Kuju Kogen in Aso National Park. Flowers of approximately 500 kinds of 3 million are in full glory through autumn from spring.

    • Kokonoe dream hanging Ohashi

      Kokonoe dream hanging Ohashi

      It is one hour ten minutes by car

      390m in length, 173m in height, best humanity size suspension bridge of 1.5m in width in Japan. From bridge, we can see nine drunkenness valleys, magnificent scenery including clapper river valley including "bridge of vibration" chosen as "100 selections of Japanese waterfalls".

    • Cave opening of Yaba-kei Gorge blue

      Cave opening of Yaba-kei Gorge blue

      It is one hour 15 minutes by car

      We are drilled in the foot of kyoshuho which is natural beauty spot representing Yaba-kei Gorge in cave opening (tunnel) which is said to be when Zen sea chief bonze of a temple spends more than 30 years and dug only with chisel and mallet.

    • Mamedacho, Hita

      Mamedacho, Hita

      It is 40 minutes by car

      Mameda-cho is chosen in important traditional buildings preservation district of country in December, 2004 and is said to be "small Kyoto of Kyushu" from cityscape full of the atmosphere.
      Various events are held through the year.

    • Aso broad perspective peak

      Aso broad perspective peak

      It is one hour ten minutes by car

      Hot spring resort that spreads out in the foot of Yufudake named "Bungo Fuji." Popular tourist attraction that it is dotted with atmospheric inns, and many people visit including woman as hot springs resort.

    • Kumamoto-jo Castle

      Kumamoto-jo Castle

      It is two hours by car

      Fine castle which is counted in one of Japanese SANJOH which Kiyomasa Kato spends time from 1601 (Keicho 6) to 7, and constructed a castle. Stone wall of Kumamoto-jo Castle is known for specific incline and durability and is called stone wall of "protecting stones of samurai residences".

    • Aso farm land

      Aso farm land

      It is one hour ten minutes by car

      The world only theme park which specialist in health supervises.
      Through the accommodations which various attractions to use body and head for, meal using vegetables and mushrooms of self cultivation, many hot springs and spas, sleeps become impatient for, we can enjoy genuine health promotion.

    • Aso mountaintop ropeway (the crater)

      Aso mountaintop ropeway (the crater)

      It is one hour 30 minutes by car

      Ropeway which was built over active volcano for the first time in the world. From terminal Aso Yamanishi Station of mountain climbing bus to crater west Station of crater relationship, it links difference in elevation 108m in four minutes in the time required. Large gondola is 91-passenger. We can overlook the desolate earth peculiar to Mount Aso and magnificent caldera from wide window.

    • kadoridominion


      It is 55 minutes by car

      Various animals including bear and chimpanzee of eight kinds of 200 inhabiting the world in very large location to be able to enjoy Daishizen of Aso and various zoos which touches, and can interchange.

    • Kikuchi Valley

      Kikuchi Valley

      It is 50 minutes by car

      Valley which is full of nature that underflow water of Aso springs out abundantly.
      Figure that to be covered, and fresh water which sews the meantime, and drifts makes large and small shallows and edge and waterfall with thick natural life broadleaf tree located at during approximately 17km, northwest 500m - 800m above sea level of Aso outer rim of a volcanic crater from Kikuchi city area to the east, and there are rich mountain stream and the beautiful forest for the change, and to do is superb view.

    • Aso monkey showman Theater

      Aso monkey showman Theater

      It is one hour 15 minutes by car

      Large theater which can contain 600 people for exclusive use of position "fair of Suo monkey showman" in meeting of Suo monkey showman who is appointed in Hikari-shi, Yamaguchi immaterial folk cultural assets. Let alone traditional art, monkey which art full of content including new art and blow gag is in good health, and is pretty shows performance for approximately 40 minutes. As it is all weather type, we can enjoy rainy day.

    • Big ginkgo tree of Xiacheng

      Big ginkgo tree of Xiacheng

      It is ten minutes by car

      1,000 years years old. It is country designation natural monument in the Kumamoto's greatest old tree. It is said to be gravepost of nurse appearing in mirror ka Ikeden theory and is informed when milk appears by all means when woman that there is little milk still prays to this gingko nut tree. The neighbor can look at Xiacheng waterfall, and let go through one year; and of popularity drop in, and spot.


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