Steamed place image

Let's perform the purchase (100 yen) of ingredients at stand.
Ingredients to ji tteiza steamed place!

Vegetables carry-on OK!
Potato is seasonally limited

Steamed place image

If we put ingredients in the bamboo steamer
Let's set to steam♪

Steam is high temperature.
We hope that we do not hit steam port with hand.

Steamed place image

Close the cap until it is sultry and gets nervous
Let's wait.

Indication of steamed time is as follows
・Potato: About from 15 minutes to 25 minutes (different by thickness)
・Egg: Approximately five minutes            

Steamed place image

If time comes, let's open cover.

When we open cover, steam becomes high temperature.
Please please be careful.

Steamed place image

It is finally the completion!
While you are madly in love, please have♪

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