We will become beautiful by hot spring cure!

What is Tsuetate Neo hot spring cure program?

In Tsuetate Onsen tourist association and Kumamoto, federation of sightseeing in Kumamoto, we developed new hot spring cure program "Tsuetate style Neo hot spring cure program" that we matched with modern woman needs. We walk town which enjoys Showa taste into mist sauna "steamed hot water" using rare hot spring steam in Kumamoto Health Science University, Kyushu University, the cause, the whole country of the Kyushu Sangyo University supervision, and this program constitutes with "back door shop circulation" and plentiful "steamed dishes" such as collagen, and effect of beauty is expected.

We introduce the recommended points becoming clean by hot spring cure.

Moisture skin moist with steamed hot water.

Mist sauna in hizenya stylish hot spring
Stress-relieving, fair skin

Steamed bath is bathroom which let hot spring steam be pervasive.
Because we can feel effect of hot spring with whole body, we can expect strong effect.
Effect of fair skin, hairdressing increases more when we take a bath after doing pack (face), treatment (hair).

  1. ①We wash whole body neatly in hot spring.
  2. ②We drink water of plastic bottle 1/3 degree and take steamed hot water. (there is kyusuitoko)
  3. ③We spend time leisurely for approximately ten minutes and go out of steamed bath.
  4. ④It washes away sweat which we raked in hot spring and drinks water of plastic bottle 2/3 degree.

We take a walk through Tsuetate by walk early in the morning.

Tsuetate hot-spring resort
Calory consumption, stress-relieving

The early-morning walk ohizenya staff of the next day guides. The history of 1800 of Tsuetate Onsen,
Do you not walk hot-spring resort where steam drifts while hearing origin and sightseeing spot information for name?

We take in small back alley (back door shop) that left atmosphere of Showa to spread through hot-spring resort in a part of course,
We can use about 100 - 120Kcal by walk of approximately 30 minutes.

※As reservation is necessary for walk working under guide by night of accommodation date, please be careful.

Steamed place experience.

Tsuetate hot-spring resort
Calory consumption, stress-relieving

It is sultry and puts up local ingredients only with steam of natural hot spring. Dish method to cook at kitchen "steamed place" using hot spring steam which Tsuetate hot-spring resort was dotted with was essential to local resident with thing of Tsuetate Onsen ancient times once. We eat very nutritious dish which we steamed and will become healthy from body.

Do you not heal heart and body by hot spring cure, too?
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